Parking Trend International - March 2006
Why so many NHS trusts in England have decided to invest in Fast Park®?
The opportunity of a modular car park deck on hospital premises

A hospital that is able to offer suitable and effective parking services if it gives patients and visitors a welcoming business card and a good first impression.

Analyzing the conditions of the hospital network in the U.K., we see in the hospital complexes dating from the past that the parking areas between the buildings are often do not meet the demand and this creates traffic congestion and access problems for pedestrians and vehicles.

In the case of newly designed hospital sites, in the planning stage much attention is paid to the management of parking facilities, with a remarkable benefit for the users.

The Fast Park® system solves, in both cases, a particularly difficult situation, realizing one new surface by making use of a free-standing deck, directly resulting in an increased number of parking spaces.

The positive experiences of Stockport, Portsmouth, Chorley and Oxford demonstrate the value of the Fast Park® system for the English hospitals, for instance: