- May 2002

Movable steel parking decks

The latest version of a steel-framed parking deck that does not require foundations was displayed by Italian company Fast Park. The system offers a solution far sites where a deck can be built aver a surface car park Instead of traditional foundations, the Fast Park system stands on adjustable, jointed feet which bear the structure's weight which can be configured to accommodate any differences in ground level The system complies with Italian building standards that require structural designs to take account of earthquakes, says the company

The Fast Park frame had originally carried wooden decks, but the company has now developed a system of steel deck trays that are then filled with concrete and coated in a waterproof layer of asphalt The system allows the deck to be dismantled and reassembled if required This has been the case with an early Fast Park erected at Milan Airport.

New Fast Park structures have been erected at various sites around Italy (including Palermo, San Remo and Vincenza), in Spain and Serbia. The structure is marketed in Britain by Parkserve Management (01903206263)

A Fast Park deck in San Remo, Italy