Modular, prefabricated single story car park

The Fast Park® system allows to realize an additional storey to the existing car park areas by increasing the number of parking spaces in a short time, has not fixed foundations and may be disassembled and reassembled on areas with different plano-altimetric conformation. Our parking solution is assembled in a few weeks, minimizing the building period and eliminating typical problems generated by traditional parking construction sites (multi-storey or underground). Therefore, the Fast Park® system is configured as the only temporary parking system that for this purpose may become permanent.

Parking lot for areas with archaeological or environmental bonds

The absence of foundation works and the reduced height of the Fast Park® system facilitates the attainment of authorizations in contexts with archaeological or environmental bonds. The Fast Park® parking system is modular, steel prefabricated and is installed on an existing asphalt or concrete surface, substantially redoubling the available parking spaces. The system is reversible and adjustable, may be disassembled and reassembled in another parking area even if it has a different geometric configuration.


The construction of the Fast Park® modular parking system is only part of our activity. In addition to design and construction of modular car parks, Deck Park srl is equipped for metalworks in general.

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The Fast Park® System

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The modular system to double parking areas

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The modularity of Fast Park® makes it fast and safe to install